None one likes to think about the day when they, or a Loved One might die. When it does happen the shock can be overwhelming, even for an anticipated death. There are many things to consider and several steps you can take both now and when it does happen.  

Knowing there is someone you can call on to help you to ensure you have adequate plans in place, or to be there with you when you lose a Loved One, can relieve some stress from an already stressful situation.

In a time of need an End of Life Planning Consultant can provide you with the help you require to work through the maze of tasks that have to undertaken to organise a Funeral, and to ensure all relevant people and agencies are notified. Our End of Life Notification process will guide you through this process.

An End of Life Planning Consultant can also assist you to ensure you have everything in place to minimise the impact your own death may have on your Loved Ones through the development of an End of Life Plan.

Regardless of you age, it is highly recommended that you have an Advance Care Directive

It is impossible to know what will happen in the future concerning your health. And you might have firm ideas about how you want to live the rest of your life. In a crisis your loved ones may find it difficult to decide what treatment is best for you. An Advance Care Directive will help everyone know what you would want if you can’t tell them.

The Advance Care Directives Act 2013 is a Law that:

  • enables a person to make decisions and give directions in relation to their future health care, residential and accommodation arrangements and personal affairs;
  • provides for the appointment of substitute decision‑makers to make such decisions on behalf of the person; 
  • ensures that health care is delivered to the person in a manner consistent with their wishes and instructions; to facilitate the resolution of disputes relating to advance care directives; and,
  • provides protections for health practitioners and other persons giving effect to an advance care directive.

End of Life Planning can assist you to make an Advance Care Directive and link it to your End of Life Plan.