An End of Life Plan is a guide that will  ensure your Loved Ones have all the information they may need in the event of your own death.  


The End of Life Plan details

a.) Who needs to be notified in the event of your death

b.) The location of your Will

c.) Your nominated Attorney and the location of your Power of Attorney Deed.

d.) The location of your Advanced Care Directive

e.) Important information that will assist with the development and initiation of your End of Life Notification.  


Your End of Life Planning Consultant will provide you with the guidance you need to collate all the information you need to include in your End of Life Plan and will  prepare an End of Life Plan to suit your needs.


Your End of Life Planning Consultant can also provide guidance on how to prepare your own Will, Power of Attorney Deed or Advanced Care Directive, or assist you to find a legal professional to prepare one for you.


Once completed your End of Life Plan will be printed and presented in a Presentation Folder for your safekeeping. An electronic copy will also be provided.


Your End of Life Plan should be regularly reviewed and updated..