Carol Muzyk has been a Civil Marriage Celebrant and Presenter in South Australia for over 15 years. She  enjoys creative writing and public speaking and is able to utilise her skills to create and deliver personal and truly 'Unique Ceremonies' and polished presentations.

Since initiating Unique Ceremonies, Carol has solemnised over 300 Marriages, conducted over 200 Life Direction Ceremonies, officiated  numerous Funerals and Memorial Services, and delivered presentations at workshops and corporate functions.



At Unique Ceremonies we believe that a good funeral is a meaningful one. A life is commemorated and celebrated, friends express their condolences, and a grieving family is comforted. The Funeral Service can take many forms. There is no right or wrong way to do it. There can be music and readings, tears and laughter. At its conclusion, there is a general feeling that it was a fitting send off for your Loved One..

Unique Ceremonies will design and conduct a Funeral Service for your Loved One that is creative, individual and accordance with your beliefs, customs and ideas.


At a Mind Mass, on the anniversary of a death or in conjunction with the placement of ashes, pay tribute to the relationship you enjoyed and the times you shared with a Loved One with a Memorial Service.

As an experienced Funeral Celebrant, your Master of Ceremonies will design and conduct a ceremony in accordance with your beliefs, values and customs.


The Marriage Ceremony is the focal point of your wedding day. It reflects who you are and your relationship.

Unique Ceremonies will provide a  Marriage Ceremony in accordance with your beliefs, your ideas and to suit your individual needs.



A Namegiving is a non- religious Christening. It provides you and your Loved One the opportunity to declare publicly your joy of the arrival of your child, recognise significant people important to you and your Family, and appoint Godparents/Guardians to assist you with the upbringing of your child.



Remember and celebrate the special anniversary of your wedding day with a renewal of your Marriage Vows.  

Usually conducted in association with a  Wedding Anniversary, by publicly renewing or affirming your marriage vows. you show your ongoing commitment to one another, your family and  your friends. Your Master of Ceremonies will design and conduct a ceremony in accordance with your needs



While many people think of the pet funeral as a modern custom, people have memorialized their pets since ancient times

Anyone who has experienced pet loss knows that the bond between humans and animals can be extremely strong.. as a result the grief you may experience with the loss of a pet can be just as intense as what you feel when you lose a human you are close to.

Holding a pet funeral may not be for everyone, however a ceremony ritual can help both children and adults to cope with the loss of a treasured animal friend.

Whether you choose burial or cremation for your pet’s final disposition, your approach to commemorating their life can be true to your religious views or environmental concerns.

Your Pet Funeral can be as simple a saying a few words or as elaborate as a traditional human funeral.


Whether it be a formal celebration, ceremony or community event, a Master of Ceremonies can provide a pivotal role in the smooth running of your Function. They keep the proceedings  flowing and on time, no matter what happens, and they ensure your guests feel welcome. 

As a Master of Ceremonies, Carol Muzyk can ensure your Function is well planned, professional, unique and forever memorable.